Carni, Book Three

Danarko Saga, Book Three
YA | Sci-Fi | Fantasy | Adventure | Romance

I risked everything for a question. I became the thing I feared the most; I discovered my true essence; I gained the knowledge to move forward regardless of anything or anyone in my way.

I wouldn’t change anything that had
happened back then, because in the end,
it was my destiny to follow that path.

Walking through that portal may not have been Mara’s best decision; the longer she wanders the realm, the more questions she has. She travels the twisted Corridor Realm on her own, discovering more about herself and her Source’s unique ability in her quest to escape.

Meanwhile, everyone in the material realms are encountering one problem after the next. Kimala is caught in the middle of a silent feud between two ancient enemies as the Highlords frantically search for Mara still trapped within Carni.

However, it is uncertain if Mara will be able to make it back safely – if she even has a body to return to, that is…

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